ParkMobile parking app data breach – 21M user records stolen, sold

ParkMobile parking app data breach – 21M user records stolen, sold

The sample data from ParkMobile shared by a hacker on a cybercrime forum reveals data allegedly belonging to some big names including Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and cybersecurity journalist Brian Krebs, etc.

ParkMobile is an Atlanta, GA-based company that offers a free app allowing users to find open parking spaces across the United States and pay from the comfort of their cars through their smartphones to save the time needed to fiddle with the meter.

This convenient app is used by many people in Atlanta and Washington D.C. However, with this convenience comes security and privacy risks. On 26th March 2021, ParkMobile admitted to having undergone a cyberattack linked to a vulnerability in third-party software that they use.

The company claimed to have been able to identify the vulnerability just in time to stop the actors before they caused extensive damage. Moreover, an update by the platform clarified that according to the preliminary findings of their internal investigation, no sensitive data or payment card information was accessed by the actors. 

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However, cybersecurity researchers at Gemini Advisory soon discovered a database from the breach being offered for purchase on several hacker forums including Russian-speaking cybercrime forums. The data included in the listing concern email addresses, phone numbers, license plate numbers for all registered vehicles of a user, and hashed passwords.

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