OnePIN Demonstrates Privacy-Forward Approach Through TrustArc GDPR Validation

OnePIN Demonstrates Privacy-Forward Approach Through TrustArc GDPR Validation

External Validation Highlights Importance of Data Privacy in Securing Customer Trust

TrustArc, the leader in data privacy management and automation, has been selected by OnePIN for GDPR Validation. OnePIN is the world’s leading provider of User Engagement services for Mobile Network Operators. The validation provides an independent way to demonstrate GDPR compliance to OnePIN’s customers and partners and solidifies its standing as a privacy-forward organization.

OnePIN operates in more than 20 countries, where it serves mobile operators and more than 500 million mobile subscribers. The company was one of the first to receive a TRUSTe certification and has taken a privacy-forward approach since its inception during its longstanding relationship with TrustArc. With the TrustArc GDPR Validation, OnePIN publicly demonstrates its GDPR compliance efforts and status. The validation signifies that the organization has performed intelligent technology-powered assessments, leveraged TrustArc managed services and undergone an independent GDPR compliance validation.

“Organizations of all sizes must become privacy-forward to earn the trust of their customers,” said Chris Babel, CEO, TrustArc. “OnePIN understands that building trust requires an ongoing, scalable approach to data privacy. The organization has consistently prioritized privacy as the enabler of a better experience for its customers and their subscribers, and the TrustArc GDPR Validation reinforces that standing.”

“OnePIN has long taken many different measures to ensure the protection and privacy of our customer data,” said Feyzi Celik, CEO, OnePIN. “These efforts include developing a privacy program that allows us to comply with regulations, including GDPR, which has become the gold standard in Europe. The GDPR Validation shows that our privacy program has been reviewed and validated by a leading authority on data privacy so our customers can rest easy knowing their information is safe.”

The TrustArc GDPR Validation is powered by the TrustArc Plat ..

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