NIST Wants Public Input on Protecting Personal Privacy

NIST Wants Public Input on Protecting Personal Privacy

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is looking for feedback on the latest version of a privacy framework meant to help both government and industry manage the risks of holding customers’ personal data.

The draft framework, which NIST released on Friday, offers organizations a roadmap for both preventing the data they gather from falling into the wrong hands and ensuring customers don’t experience any negative consequences from that collection. NIST left the framework intentionally open-ended, officials said, allowing organizations across sectors to adapt it to meet their specific needs. 

“Deriving benefits from data while simultaneously managing risks to individuals’ privacy is not well-suited to one-size-fits-all solutions,” NIST officials wrote in the draft. “The Privacy Framework … is flexible enough to address diverse privacy needs, enable more innovative and effective solutions that can lead to better outcomes for individuals and enterprises, and stay current with technology trends.”

The ultimate goal is to standardize the language around privacy and let leaders in government and industry clearly communicate potential risks and solutions, officials said. The updated framework is based on feedback from numerous government and industry stakeholders, they said.

The public can submit their input on the latest version through Oct. 24.

In the document, NIST recommended organizations divide their approach to privacy into three parts: defining a core set of privacy-related policies and activities, outlining how current privacy practices relate to desired outcomes, and implementing new practices to close any gaps in the group’s risk management strategy. The structure closely mirrors NIST’s popular cybersecurity framework, which numerous organization ..