NIST Releases Draft Guidance on Election Cybersecurity - GovTech

The 2020 election season was full of claims of online interference, and in response the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published a draft Cybersecurity Framework Election Infrastructure Profile on Monday, March 29, to help local election officials prepare for and respond to cyber threats.

“The guide can help these officials reduce the risk of disruptions to the major tasks they must perform in the process of an election,” according to NIST. “These range from the immediate concerns of an election day, such as vote processing or communicating the details of a problem or crisis, to longer-term efforts, like maintaining election and voter registration systems.”

According to an NIST press release:

“Written in everyday language, the Draft Cybersecurity Framework Election Infrastructure Profile (NISTIR 8310) draws upon the experience of election stakeholders and cybersecurity experts from across the country, offering an approach for securing all elements of election technology.

“‘This is the first time we have looked at the entire election infrastructure and put together a cybersecurity playbook,’ said NIST’s Gema Howell, one of the publication’s authors. 

“The guide applies the principles of the NIST Cybersecurity Framework to election systems. Widely adopted by industry, the framework is not a regulation, but a set of recommended best practices for comp ..