New ShroudedSnooper actor targets telecommunications firms in the Middle East with Novel Implants

Cisco Talos recently discovered a new malware family we’re calling “HTTPSnoop” being deployed against telecommunications providers in the Middle East.HTTPSnoop is a simple, yet effective, backdoor that consists of novel techniques to interface with Windows HTTP kernel drivers and devices to listen to incoming requests for specific HTTP(S) URLs and execute that content on the infected endpoint.We also discovered a sister implant to “HTTPSnoop” we’re naming “PipeSnoop,” which can accept arbitrary shellcode from a named pipe and execute it on the infected endpoint.We identified DLL- and EXE-based versions of the implants that masquerade as legitimate security software components, specifically extended detection and response (XDR) agents, making them difficult to detect.We assess with high confidence that both implants belong to a new intrusion set we’re calling “ShroudedSnooper.” Based on the HTTP URL patterns used in the implants, such as those mimicking Microsoft’s Exchange Web Services (EWS) platform, we assess that this threat actor likely exploits internet-facing servers and deploys HTTPSnoop to gain initial access.This activity is a continuation of a trend we have been monitoring over the last several years in which sophisticated actors are frequently targeting telecoms. This sector was consistently a top-targeted industry vertical in 2022, according to Cisco Talos Incident Response data.

ShroudedSnooper activity highlights latest threat to telecommunications entities

This specific cluster of implants involving HTTPSnoop and PipeSnoop and associated tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) do not match a known group that Talos tracks. We are therefore attributing this activity to a distinct intrusion set we’re calling “ShroudedSnooper.”

In recent years, there have been many instances of state-sponsored actors and sophisticated adversaries targeting telecommunications organizations around the world. In 2022, this sector was consistently a top-targeted vertical in
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