New Ransomware Threats Are Getting Bolder: How to Rewrite the Script

New Ransomware Threats Are Getting Bolder: How to Rewrite the Script

Greater exposure is both good news and bad news when it comes to new ransomware threats. While ransomware attacks themselves are never good news, it is a positive sign that these attacks are receiving more media attention, such as the attack on an entire hospital chain, an attack on a Las Vegas school district and even an attack on a coffee machine

With ransomware more top-of-mind, companies are taking more proactive steps to protect themselves. On the other hand, bad actors have taken notice. They’re ramping up their attacks and growing their operations at a massive scale. As bad actors turn the needle past 10, staying up to date will be critical. How can the enterprise flip the script? Are there prevention strategies that are more practical and up to date

Not Your Father’s Ransomware Trends

One group, Maze, takes its attacks a step further by shaming the victims and naming the company on a website. If the victim refuses to pay, a sample of the victim’s stolen data is added to the site as evidence.

We must remember groups like Maze are criminals and structured like criminal groups. As more victims refuse to pay, they’re going to do what they do — keep the cash flow going. Therefore, they’re stealing more data and selling it to other criminal groups, or even to victims’ rivals.

These new ransomware threats are an unwelcome plot tw ..