Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Awards 2021

Last night, with the help of our sponsors KPMG and Beazley, we celebrated this year’s Most Inspiring Women in Cyber Awards. Hosted in Canary Wharf, the awards were kick-started by Jenny Radcliffe, who delivered an amazing speech about what it is to be a woman in this industry, using FAQs to frame her talk. Before recognising this year’s 21 winners, our panellists had an insightful discussion about how we all can motivate and encourage other women to pursue a career in cyber, and what organisations can do to improve the talent pipeline and make it more inclusive. Unfortunately, the stereotype that this industry is reserved solely for men still persists, leaving women feeling unwelcome or inadequate for roles in cyber, particularly those involving more technical skills. It is this image of cybersecurity that is harming the industry and fostering a skills gap that can only be closed by employing more women and expanding the pool of talent.  

This is what we hope to do with our event; to break down the barriers and perceptions that cybersecurity jobs are limited to men. By recognising and honouring these inspiring women, we hope to encourage and inspire young women looking to join this field and give them some role models, whose footsteps they can follow in, because women CAN and should work in cybersecurity! 

 That being said, here are 2021’s Most Inspiring Women in Cyber:  

Bronwyn Boyle, CISO, Mambu 

Bronwyn recently joined Mambu as Chief Information Security Officer, accountable for the security of Mambu’s banking-as-a-service platform and of the broader organisation. She started her career as a software developer, cutting Java code and working on the first wave of digital banking services, ..

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