Millions of Hacked Routers, Apple's Court Troubles, and More News

Millions of Hacked Routers, Apple's Court Troubles, and More News

Your Cisco routers aren't safe, the Supreme Court voted against Apple, and the nostalgic Tomagotchi has returned. Here's the tech news you need to know, in two minutes or less.

Today's Headlines

Hackers found a way into Cisco devices. Millions of them

Everyone uses Cisco routers, including institutions that deal with hypersensitive information. Researchers have now disclosed a remote attack that would allow a hacker to take over some of these routers and compromise all the data and commands that flow through them. The hack undermines a security feature that has been in nearly every Cisco device since 2013, which puts hundreds of millions of devices at risk.

The Supreme Court dealt a blow to Apple

The case, Apple Inc. v. Pepper, concerns a group of iPhone users who are accusing Apple of driving up the price of apps by charging third-party app developers a 30 percent commission. The case had been struck down in several lower courts before Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh cast the deciding vote (5–4) to let the iPhone owners have their day in court. The case could end up being a big blow to not just Apple, but other big tech companies who like to consider themselves "neutral marketplaces, not direct sellers."

Tamagotchis are back

Yes, the world's first digital pet has made its glorious return in the form of the Tamagatchi On. It's still delightfully primitive, but comes with a new price ($59.99), a color sc ..

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