Microsoft Weekly: RIP Internet Explorer, new Windows 11 SKU, and broken updates

Microsoft Weekly: RIP Internet Explorer, new Windows 11 SKU, and broken updates

We are at the close of another week, which means that it's time to recap every recent event from the world of Microsoft, as usual. This time, we have an important milestone in the form of Internet Explorer's death, a lot of Windows 11 news, and some items related to Windows updates breaking existing capabilities. Without further ado, let's dive into our weekly digest for June 11 - June 17.

RIP Internet Explorer

This week, Microsoft officially retired Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) across most editions of Windows. The retirement process is two-phased, though. The first phase involves redirecting IE usage to Edge automatically. This is a staggered time-bomb in a way, because it will follow a quality-driven process to roll this behavior out over a period of several months. The second phase will permanently disable IE via a Windows Update. That said, you are not eligible for security updates or support on IE11 on most Windows SKUs even if you continue using it right now.

A recent report also claimed that this retirement may affect up to 47% of enterprise PCs running Windows 10. That said, the phrase "up to" should be emphasized, the actual number might be considerably lower.

Of course, Microsoft has been encouraging everyone to migrate to its Edge browser as soon as possible. It also contains an "IE mode" powered by Internet Explorer's MSHTML/Trident engine, if you're worried about compatibility with legacy applications.

Talking about Microsoft Edge, there were updates for the browser across multiple channels this week. The < ..

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