Microsoft security vulnerabilities drop after five-year rise

Microsoft security vulnerabilities drop after five-year rise

The total number of Microsoft vulnerabilities reported in 2021 dropped by 5%, reversing a five-year trend that saw such vulnerabilities rising sharply, according to a new report from identity management and security vendor BeyondTrust.

A total of 1,212 new vulnerabilities were discovered in 2021, but their severity, as well as their location in the Microsoft family of software products, has changed substantially year over year. Vulnerabilities rated as "critical" on the CVSS standard dropped by 47% in the past year, reaching their lowest levels since BeyondTrust began issuing this report, nine years ago.

Vulnerabilities on Windows, Windows Server drop

Windows and Windows Server both saw sharp drops in total vulnerabilities detected, by 40% and 50%, respectively, while vulnerabilities affecting Microsoft's Edge and Internet Explorer browsers hit a record high.

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