McAfee Proactive Security Proves Effective in Recent MITRE ATT&CK™

McAfee Proactive Security Proves Effective in Recent MITRE ATT&CK™

McAfee Soars with Superior Protection Results   

Bottom Line: McAfee stopped the MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation Carbanak and FIN7 threats in their tracks within the first 15% of the major steps of the attack chain (on average), delivering on a critical security operations center (SOC) strategy: Stop the attack as early as possible.  

In April 2021, MITRE Engenuity released the results of the Carbanak and FIN7 evaluations that leveraged Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP’s) from the MITRE ATT&CK framework. McAfee and 28 other vendors tested the capabilities of our cybersecurity solutions across a wide range of attack vectors. These multi-stage simulated attacks leveraged a full range of known TTPs to execute the Carbanak and FIN7 attack campaigns. 

The Carbanak attack requires stealth and time. Threat actors count on operating undetected inside your infrastructure long enough to penetrate and own your crown jewel assets and information. They methodically step through complex custom TTPs to achieve their objectives. The sooner an attack can be detected and stopped, the lower the risk of a successful breach, damage to assets, and exfiltration of critical information.  

Shift left: Stopping Threats Before They Can Gain a Foothold 

McAfee displayed superior protection by blocking 100% across all 10 tests. On the other hand, several endpoint security providers failed to detect and block all threats. CrowdStrike, for example, was unable to block 30% of protection tests.  

Additionally, McAfee was able to block the attacks within the first 15% of attack steps on average across all tests. On the other hand, CrowdStrike allowed 50% of the attack chain steps on average to execute before blocking. The earlier in the attack chain that a threat is detected, the more likely it will be shut down before it causes damage. 

McAfee combines data and telemetry with ..