Marketing, Aerospace, and IT Pros Struggle with Passwords

Marketing, Aerospace, and IT Pros Struggle with Passwords

What do marketing, aerospace and IT professionals have in common? At first glance, not much. But a closer look will show you that there is something that ties them together—passwords. Namely, the kinds they use and how they use them. Today, we’re focusing on the habits of professionals operating in marketing, aerospace, and IT.

Different Folks, Same Password Strokes

We are all human; but each of us is unique in our own ways. Different people gravitate toward different life and career choices. It’s how humans work. However, when it comes to passwords, we are not as unique as we would like to think.

Last year, NordPass conducted an in-depth analysis of Fortune 500 companies and found out that even the biggest businesses on the planet still struggle with password security. The research put together a list of the 10 most popular passwords in each industry, the percentile that are unique and the number of data breaches each industry had experienced.

The study found that professionals working in marketing, aerospace and IT shared a similar taste for weak and simple passwords. All three industries have a soft spot for “passwords”—it ranked either first or second on the list. Professionals in all three industries also quite liked “123456”, a classic among weak passwords. Another peculiar finding was that “aaron431” appeared in each industry’s list. Why people from industries that seem quite distinct from one another use virtually the same passwords is a question that’s impossible to answer. However, it’s clear that professionals in the marketing, aerospace and IT industry ..

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