IT threat evolution in Q3 2021. Mobile statistics

IT threat evolution in Q3 2021. Mobile statistics

IT threat evolution Q3 2021
IT threat evolution in Q3 2021. PC statistics
IT threat evolution in Q3 2021. Mobile statistics

These statistics are based on detection verdicts of Kaspersky products received from users who consented to provide statistical data.

Quarterly figures

According to Kaspersky Security Network, in Q3 2021:

9,599,519 malware, adware and riskware attacks on mobile devices were prevented.
The largest share of all detected mobile threats accrued to RiskTool apps — 65.84%.
676,190 malicious installation packages were detected, of which:
12,097 packages were related to mobile banking Trojans;
6,157 packages were mobile ransomware Trojans.

Quarterly highlights

The attackers became somewhat less active from the previous quarter — the number of mobile attacks dropped to 9.6 million. We have seen no new mass campaigns seeking to distribute any specific mobile malware family; nor were there any newsworthy events similar to what we had early into the COVID-19 pandemic.

Number of attacks targeting users of Kaspersky mobile solutions, Q3 2020 — Q3 2021 (download)

Yet Q3 brought us quite a few interesting finds at the same time. Thus, one of the modified WhatsApp builds, FMWhatsApp 16.80.0, contained the Trojan Triada along with an advertising SDK. The popularity of WhatsApp builds with extended functionality has secured this Trojan the fifth place in our malware ranking.

In Q3, new Trojan families emerged, distributed through Google Play. To those we already knew — Trojan.AndroidOS.Jocker and Trojan.AndroidOS.MobOk (signing the user up to paid subscriptions) and Trojan-Dropper.AndroidOS.Necro (downloading payload from the attack ..

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