It's finally over! Time to uninstall Adobe Flash Player

It's finally over! Time to uninstall Adobe Flash Player

​It's over, kaput, done. Adobe Flash Player is officially non-functional, and it's time to uninstall the program once and for all.

In a coordinated announcement from Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Google, and Mozilla in July 2017. we learned that Adobe Flash Player would officially reach the end of life on December 31st, 2020.

When Adobe released their final version of Flash Player in December, they also announced that recent versions of the software include a kill switch that prevents Flash Player from loading Flash content starting on January 12th, 2021.

It is now January 13th, and as Flash content no longer runs in Flash Player, it is time to uninstall the software.

Now, when you try to open Flash content, which most browsers automatically block by default, Flash player will display the following icon that opens the Adobe Flash Player end of life page when you click on it.

Flash blocking content from loading

Flash Player has had a good run and was one of the core technologies that helped create the web. Unfortunately, it was also a security nightmare for users who installed it, as threat actors commonly targeted its vulnerabilities.

While it may be possible to get Flash working again by installing a much older version of Adobe Flash Player, this will only open up your computer to security risks.

Older versions of the software contain numerous vulnerabilities targeted by threat actors to take over a computer. Furthermore, expect shady sites to promote older versi ..