INTERPOL aims to deal a blow to digital piracy

INTERPOL aims to deal a blow to digital piracy

The agency’s new initiative will also warn about the high cost of the free lunch – the increased risk of malware exposure

INTERPOL is stepping up its fight against online piracy after this ever-popular ‘activity’ has seen 60% growth in some countries over the past year.

“Digital piracy is yet another crime area impacted by COVID-19. Confinement linked with reduced income has seen a global surge in the past 12 months,” said the agency’s Secretary General Jurgen Stock.

The aim of the INTERPOL Stop Online Piracy (I-SOP) initiative (I-SOP) – which will be headed by INTERPOL’s Illicit Markets team and will rely on cooperation with the Korean National Police Agency – is to work against cybercriminals involved in various flavors of digital piracy. This includes fighting against crimes involving online property rights infringement, dismantling illegal online marketplaces and targeting criminal networks, and taking hold of their assets.

INTERPOL is launching a new project to tackle #DigitalPiracy following a COVID-19 linked surge. With funding from Korea @mcstkorea the initiative will tackle this fast growing crime area.

— INTERPOL (@INTERPOL_HQ) April 30, 2021

Beyond bringing the fight against digital piracy to people’s doors, the five-year initiative will see the Korean National Police Agency cooperate with INTERPOL in building partnerships across indu ..