International cooperation is key to fighting threat actors and cybercrime - CSO Online

International cooperation is key to fighting threat actors and cybercrime - CSO Online

In this era of cybersecurity, when nation-state digital attacks and cybercrime quickly cut across country borders and create global crises, international cooperation has become an urgent priority. The need for global collaboration to cope with various pressing threats, from electronic espionage to ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure, is imperative to prevent economic and social disasters, top cybersecurity professionals and government officials say.

At this year’s Billington Cybersecurity Summit, leaders from across the globe gathered to discuss the importance of international partnerships in managing the persistent threats governments must address. The near-total digitalization of every aspect of society that exposes virtually all public and private sector services to escalating cyber threats dictates a more robust, collective defense. Moreover, as cyber risks intensify and multiply, governments worldwide are stepping up their own independent efforts to protect against the rising tide of digital threats.

Intelligence community spearheads international cooperation

Many international cybersecurity partnerships have their origins in the intelligence community. “We have wonderful, deep partnerships with many sister nations across the world, and those partnerships continue to intensify in new and different ways,” George Barnes, deputy director, US National Security Agency (NSA), told conference attendees. “Many of our partnerships started in intelligence and others started within cybersecurity. Now we're at this point where those two are inextricably linked. When you can bring them together for a nation, it's a powerful combination.”

Barnes spoke of more than just the well-known “Five Eyes” intelligence alliance among the English-speaking nations of the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. “Those of us in the Five Eyes partnership, we are making partnerships with others,” he said. “We have long-term partnerships, of course, in Europe, but we're spending a lot ..

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