Inputs of Interest: Marsback M1 is a Portable Party Peripheral

Inputs of Interest: Marsback M1 is a Portable Party Peripheral

Again, let’s just get this out of the way up front: I got this lovely little 75% keyboard for free from a gaming accessories company called Marsback. It’s a functioning prototype of a keyboard that they have up on Kickstarter as of March 2nd. It comes in three color schemes: dark, white and sakura pink, which is white and pink with cherry blossoms.

This illustration of the lube points is from my email string with Marsback.

Marsback found me through my personal website and contacted me directly to gauge my interest in this keyboard. I’ll admit that I wasn’t too excited about it until I scrolled further in the email and saw that they are producing their own switches in-house.

I think that’s a really interesting choice given that Cherry MX and other switches exist, and there so many Cherry MX clones out there already. Naturally, I had to investigate, so following a short review, I’ll take it apart.

While I was waiting for the keyboard to arrive, I emailed my contact at Marsback to ask why they decided to go this route. They believe that the switches are the most important part of any mechanical keyboard (I wholeheartedly agree), and sought to control the keystrokes and the sound of the bounce. Fair enough.

I had also noticed that the switches are “double-lubricated”. I wondered if this meant that they did it in two places, or used grease and liquid, or what, and I was told that they lubricate the slider and both ends of the spring where it contacts the underside of the slider an ..