India’s Largest Truck Brokerage Company Leaking 140GB of Data

The misconfigured server is still exposing the data, and there has been no response from the company since their only contact email address available to the public is bouncing back all emails.

India’s largest truck brokerage and freight delivery company, FR8, is facing a serious data leak problem. According to the IT security researcher Anurag Sen working with Italian cyber security firm FlashStart, the organization has exposed more than 140 gigabytes of data, which is available to the public without any password or security authentication.

According to, the leaked data includes sensitive information such as customer records, invoices, and payment details across India. Not only that, but it also contains other personal information, such as names, addresses, and contact numbers of both customers and employees.

FR8 claims to be “India’s largest truck transport service company,” currently operating in over 60 cities across the country.

Anurag discovered the server on Shodan while searching for misconfigured cloud databases on January 30th, 2023. The researchers informed FR8 about the leak, but they did not receive any response. Their only contact email address available to the public is bouncing back all emails.

For your information, Shodan is an OSINT tool and a specialized search engine used by cybersecurity researchers to locate vulnerable Internet of Things (IoT) devices, including servers and misconfigured databases on the internet.

As for FR8, what is worse ..

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