IBM to Acquire Randori, Transforming How Clients Manage Risk with Attack Surface Management

Organizations today are faced with defending a complex technology landscape — with cyberattacks targeted at constantly changing cloud, distributed, and on-premises environments. Often escaping security scans and periodic assessments, these changes represent windows of opportunities for attackers looking to bypass defenses.

While there always have — and always will be — unknown risks, having a continuous process to automatically discover unknowns, prioritize them, and feed those back into teams is becoming an essential component of a modern cybersecurity program. That’s why I’m thrilled to announce IBM’s intent to acquire Randori, a leading attack surface management and offensive cybersecurity provider, to help clients take control of this situation with an attacker’s perspective of their most risky gaps.

IBM Security has made key bets around the need for both best-in-class defensive and offensive security, most recently with the acquisition of ReaQta to help automatically detect and block threats at the endpoint, as well as the launch of QRadar XDR and MDR services powered by our elite team of X-Force experts. Today, IBM Security is making a further bet that cybersecurity must go on the offensive to protect the cloud, with security capabilities to help clients of all sizes better see what attackers see, before the damage is done.

It Takes an Attacker to Know Your Attack Surface

Investigations into recent breaches have shown that despite increased investment, companies continue to struggle with managing their attack surface, meaning all the possible points where an unauthorized user can acces ..

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