IBM Security Guardium Named Industry Leader for Third Consecutive Time

IBM Security Guardium Named Industry Leader for Third Consecutive Time

KuppingerCole named IBM Security Guardium an overall business leader in their Leadership Compass on Database and Big Data Security Solutions. IBM was also again ranked as a leader in all three sections: product, innovation and market. With this in mind, take a look at how KuppingerCole measures today’s solutions and why good data security is so important.

Big Data and Database Security Still Matter

Despite the growing importance of unstructured data, databases continue to be the preferred option for most businesses to store sensitive or regulated data. In order to protect sensitive data stored in databases well, you need the right solution to minimize exposure to risk while reducing the impact of potential attacks. Through methods such as data encryption, controlling user access policy, data activity monitoring and real-time threat response and repairs the enterprise can cut down on the impact of threats.

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Data is the lifeblood of the modern enterprise. You can’t just lock it all down to protect it. That would keep it secure from attacks, but it would mean no one could use it. Security, data and privacy leaders need to balance access and protection.

We also live in a time of increasing privacy rules and consumer concern over how their data is being handled and protected. For large enterprises in highly managed areas, such as health care, life sciences, insurance, banking and finance, this is a critical concern. The company’s leaders need to be able to show promptly how they are addressing complian ..