Hyperautomation and Cybersecurity – A Platform Approach to Telemetry Architectures

Hyperautomation is a process where artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), event-driven software, and other tools are used to automate as many business and IT processes as possible.  Forecasted by Gartner to reach $596.6 billion by 20221, hyperautomation and the global software market that enables it show no signs of slowing.

The myriad of technologies used by a typical organization often are not integrated and exist as siloed disparate tools.  Hyperautomation aims to reduce this “organizational debt” to improve value and brand.  In the context of cybersecurity, a patchwork of stovepipe solutions not only exposes the environment to risk, but also impacts the cyber defender’s ability to fortify the environment and respond to threats at machine speed.  Our target is “shift-left” security — leveraging intelligence to enhance predictability and encourage proactive responses to cyber threats.

The rise of telemetry architectures, combined with cloud adoption and data as the “new perimeter,” pose new challenges to cybersecurity operations.  Organizations will be forced to contend with increased “security debt” unless we figure out how to optimize, connect, and streamline the solutions.  In some cases, we have technologies available to begin this journey (MVISION Insights, MVISION Extended Detection and Response (XDR), MVISION API).  In others, our customers demand more.  They challenge us to build next-generation platforms to see themselves, see their cyberspace, and understand their cyberspace.  Some cyber defenders need more than traditional cyber threat intelligence telemetry to make critical operational impact decisions.

MVISION Insights and MVISION XDR are great starts.  It all begins with t ..

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