How to use iOS 14.5 privacy settings to turn off iPhone apps tracking

How to use iOS 14.5 privacy settings to turn off iPhone apps tracking

Using iPhone? You can now protect your data and location from being tracked by apps on your device with just a tap, thanks to iOS 14.5.

You must be tired of ads popping up on your smartphone’s screen whenever you search for a particular product online. That’s how powerful digital marketing has become. Whatever you search, gets registered, and you are bombarded with relevant suggestions.

To add to your worries, many applications have hidden privacy busting features such as location tracking. You may not know, but every move of yours on the internet is being monitored. Now, you have a chance to take control of your digital life.

Apple Introduced iOS 14.5 Mid-cycle Update

Thankfully, Apple has remained true to its commitment to privacy and responsible handling of user data. However, many necessary iPhone privacy settings would be disabled on your device by default.

To address all your privacy-related concerns, Apple has introduced a brand-new feature in its iOS 14.5, touted as Apple’s most ambitious mid-cycle OS update. 

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The main USP of this feature is that it will make your digital life more private as you can choose to disable in-app ad tracking. The update will include a range of new features, but what we are interested in is App Tracking Transparency or ATT. 

What is App Tracking Transparency?

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