How To Stop Facebook From Tracking You? (Off-Facebook Activity)

How To Stop Facebook From Tracking You? (Off-Facebook Activity)

Tech giants keeping tabs on users’ data is no surprise in today’s world. It’s a well-known fact that Facebook collects this data from its own as well as third-party apps. This third-party app tracking depends on the number of services signed up using Facebook login.

This article will discuss how Facebook collects your data, what kind of data it collects, and what it does with the same. Furthermore, we’ll also outline the steps you can take to disable Facebook from tracking your activities, prevent it from collecting your data, and restricting the “Off-Facebook Activity” feature.

What data is Facebook collecting and how?

The data hoarded by Facebook includes users’ screen time, which features they use, the number of times an app is opened, etc. On e-commerce apps, it knows a user’s purchase history, products wish-listed, contact and address, and more, as almost all of these apps have “Facebook Pixel” code on their website and mobile app.

What is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel is an analytics tool that tracks browsing behavior by capturing your identifier on the web. This captured data is then shared with Facebook, enabling it to show you “targeted ads.”

Off-Facebook Activity feature

Introduced this year, the “Off-Facebook Activity” summarizes every move performed by a user on an external app or website. Apps and websites using Facebook tools (Facebook login, share, FB pixel, etc.) share this data with Facebook.

Not to mention that Facebook loves to know everything about everyone, and you’re highly mistaken if you think banking apps will not share your data with Facebook.

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