How To Make A Connected Life Safe Again | Avast

How To Make A Connected Life Safe Again | Avast
Jeff Elder, 2 December 2019

National Network to End Domestic Violence provides suggestions, guidance and resources

The Internet of Things has introduced new cybersecurity threats to our homes and our lives. For victims of domestic violence, that danger can be profoundly invasive. Taking back their privacy can be a necessary step toward safety and sanity. 
Unfortunately, internet connected device makers and service providers have often prioritized being first to market with fresh functionalities. Security-by-design has not been a priority.
The National Network to End Domestic Violence has created a Technology Safety Toolkit through a grant from the Department of Justice's Office, and a Technology Safety Plan guide for survivors of domestic violence. 

Tips from the NNEDV
The NNEDV urges the following when trying to make your smart home safe again after domestic violence incidents:
Trust your instincts. If it seems like an abuser knows too much about you, they could be monitoring devices, accessing online accounts, tracking your location, or gathering information about you online.
Strategically plan around your tech. It’s often a natural reaction to want to throw away devices or close online accounts. Before removing a hidden camera that you’ve found or a GPS tracker think through how the abuser may respond and plan for your safety. Some survivors choose to use a safer device for certain interactions, but also keep using the monitored device as a way to collect evidence.
Look for patterns. If the abusive person has hi ..