How to Install & Use the Ultra-Secure Operating System OpenBSD in VirtualBox

OpenBSD implements security in its development in a way that no other operating system on the planet does. Learning to use the Unix-like operating system can help a hacker understand secure development, create better servers, and improve their understanding of the BSD operating system. Using VirtualBox, the OS can be installed within a host to create a full-featured test environment.

This extremely secure operating system boasts features with which no other OS can compare. While OpenBSD is often regarded as a server OS, it can also be used on the desktop or within a virtual machine and still offer these same security features to regular users. This can be valuable to a device that stands at a higher risk of being attacked or to anyone who wants greater protection against the possibility of remote code execution exploits such as those found in Microsoft Windows.

OpenBSD is derived from the Berkeley Software Distribution, or BSD, a Unix-like operating system developed initially at the University of California, Berkeley. Theo de Raadt forked OpenBSD from NetBSD in 1995, and the project continues to develop and grow today. The OpenBSD project also maintains several other popular tools, including OpenSSH and LibreSSL.

The OpenBSD development team's focus on security has led to ..