How To Help Your Family Protect Their Online Data

Whether you’re standing around the water cooler at work, waiting for your kids at the school gate or sitting around the dinner table, data breaches are without doubt the hot topic of conversation. In late September, we were all shaken when news of the biggest Australian data breach to date broke – a record 10 million Optus customers had their details stolen. But unfortunately, the data breach stories have continued with Medibank, Energy Australia, and, most recently, Woolworths also reporting that private customer data had been stolen. 

Inevitably, many of us are feeling vulnerable worrying that our private identifying information (and our family’s) such as our Medicare and Drivers Licence details have potentially been stolen. We’ve all read the stories about victims of identity theft and are, rightly concerned, that it could happen to us. So, if you’re unsure as to what to do next – don’t worry – I’ve got you! In fact – I’m going to give you two action plans. The first is for those who have been personally affected by a data breach (or consider it highly likely they were affected) and the second, is a long-term plan to help you protect yourself and your family’s data online. 

What To Do If You’ve Been Affected By A Data Breach 

If you or a family member has been contacted by a company and informed that your private details have been compromised, then you need to caffeine up and bring your entire focus to this situation. And if you’re still awaiting the call but you’re thinking it’s likely you’re affected, then my advice is to assume you are. It never hurts to be too cautious when you’re dealing with a potential identity theft situation. So, ..

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