How ESET’s work on SafetyNet® helps protect children online

How ESET’s work on SafetyNet® helps protect children online

For over a decade, ESET and the San Diego Police Foundation have been working together to help keep children safe from online threats

As one of the United States’ most famous presidents, John F. Kennedy, once said, “Children are the world’s most valuable resource and its best hope for the future.” This is one of the key reasons why we have to protect them and give them the tools they will need to build a better and brighter tomorrow.

And even though decades have passed since then, JFK’s words still ring true. At ESET, we are acutely aware of the need to prepare children for the future, especially a digital one. As years pass, more and more of our activities, including the most mundane of tasks, are done through internet-connected devices and kids spend increasing amounts of time glued to their screens.

For more than a decade now, ESET has been working together with the San Diego Police Foundation (SDPF) to protect children by teaching them proper cybersecurity habits and how to stay safe online, so they can ultimately grow into responsible netizens. These efforts are part of the company’s commitment to supporting worthwhile causes that adhere to its core values of Courage, Integrity, Reliability, and Passion.

ESET’s cooperation with the San Diego Police Foundation kicked off in 2011 with the Calling All Parents: Keep Your Kids Safe Online media campaign that enjoyed great success. We have continued to work together ever since, primarily through the SafetyNet: Smart Cyber Choices® prog ..