HackTheBox - Snoopy

00:00 - Introduction
01:00 - Start of nmap, discovering ssh/dns/http
02:30 - Taking a look at the website
04:00 - Discovering a message about DNS, taking a look at the DNS and discovering zone transfers are enabled
09:40 - Identifying the website is running with PHP Enabled, then running gobuster
13:00 - Attacking the file download and discovering File Disclosure
15:35 - We got lucky discovering the File Disclosure filter bypass, using FFUF which would be make catching this more consistent
19:30 - Automating the File Disclosure by creating a python script
24:30 - Looking at files on the target, discovering the DNS Configuration which has the RNDC Key to update DNS
30:40 - Looking at the NSUPDATE Man page and then adding a the DNS Record mail.snoopy.htb and pointing it to us
34:24 - Using python to run a SMTP Server and then having Mattermost's forgot password email us the password reset
39:50 - Using the Mattermost bot to provision a server via SSH which causes it to SSH back to us
42:30 - Backdooring PAM with pam_exec and a bash script to log passwords of users logging into our box, and grabbing CBROWN's password
50:40 - cbrown can run Git apply as sbrown, looking for exploits around it and discovering CVE-2023-23946.
1:08:50 - sbrown can run clamscan in debug mode as root
1:11:45 - Looking at CVE's in clamav and discovering an XXE in the DMG Parser (CVE-2023-20052)
1:23:30 - Downloading a DMG File (sublime), then modifying the XML to put an XXE in, scanning, then exfiltrating the root ssh key

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