HackTheBox - Jupiter

00:00 - Introduction
03:40 - Using gobuster to enum
05:45 - Discovering Raw SQL in the HTTP Request, doing some enumeration to discover it is PostreSQL
08:00 - Looking at the PostgreSQL Copy command, which allows for running commands, getting a shell
12:45 - Got a shell as the PostgreSQL user
15:08 - Got a SSH Shell as the PostgreSQL user, then finding port 8888 and enumerating that port
17:00 - Discovered a Jupityr Notebook, using find to discover what users are doing on the box and seeing Juno has network-simulation.yml
18:45 - Putting a shell on Network-Simulation.yml and getting a shell as juno
23:45 - Shell as Juno, looking for jupityr files and discovering the token, which enables us login to Jupityr notebooks and get a shell as
28:45 - Jovian can run sattrack as as root (via sudo), running strace to discover that it reads the config from /tmp
31:30 - Editing the sattrick config to download an authorized_keys file to root's .ssh directory
33:15 - Pretending /root/.ssh didn't exist, getting a shell through cron

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