Hackers Discovered Only After Maxing Out Victim's Cloud Storage

Hackers Discovered Only After Maxing Out Victim's Cloud Storage

Move fast and break things was in full effect this week, as researchers revealed that Intel took a full year to release a fix for a chip flaw the company had been repeatedly warned about. Over in a different digital ecosystem, researchers from the security firm Kryptowire dropped 146 vulnerabilities found in handsets made by 29 Android smartphone makers—the result of preinstalled software from vendors and carriers alike.

Analysts are still turning up worrying privacy and security flaws in the 5G standard, with time running out to fix them before 5G networks reach consumers. The privacy-focused Brave browser has a scheme to pay its users for browsing the web—and it's coming to iOS.

A notorious Russian hacker, who ran the online criminal marketplace CardPlanet, is facing charges in the United States despite Russian efforts to stop his extradition. And WIRED mapped out the evidence, including new details, that all links some of the most major hacks of the last five years to one hacking group: Sandworm.

At our WIRED25 event last week, we spoke with NSA cybersecurity chief Anne Neuberger about killer drone swarms, and Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince about the inevitability of his company pulling the plug on controversial sites in the future.

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