Hackers breach E27, want "donation" to reveal vulnerabilities

Hackers breach E27, want

Asian media firm E27 has been hacked, and attackers ask for a small "donation" to provide information on the vulnerabilities used in the attack.

E27 is a media company that offers Asian technology startup news and a community where members can communicate and learn from each other.

In an email notification to their members sent today and shared with BleepingComputer by Cyble, E27 CEO Mohan Belani explained that they were victims of a "malicious cyber attack".

"We regret this has taken place and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you."

"We use Facebook and LinkedIn for account login and do not store any passwords on our system. If you use the legacy email and password login, your passwords are encrypted, but we highly encourage that you change it. We do not store any credit card or payment related information on our servers."

"The reason we are informing you is because we believe it’s the right thing to do and we want to be transparent. As a company, we believe that all community relationships must be built on trust and we want to be responsible members of the tech ecosystem. That is why we believe it is important to inform you of this incident," E27's notification read.

In a statement to BleepingComputer, Belani stated that they have contacted law enforcement and will be awaiting their guidance.

"We have alerted the relevant government and law enforcement authorities and will take their guidance on the next steps. Our primary focus right now is to work with our various stak ..