Gamarue malware found in UK Govt-funded laptops for homeschoolers

Gamarue malware found in UK Govt-funded laptops for homeschoolers

Gamarue malware is also known as Andromeda or Wauchos having linked to Russian servers.

A few years ago, Police in Taiwan distributed malware-infected USBs as cybersecurity quiz prizes. Now, UK schools found out that most government-allotted laptops to facilitate homeschooling are infected with malware linked to Russian servers. This raises concerns that hackers are trying to steal data from students.

Reportedly, Bradford school employees received several laptops to aid in homeschooling vulnerable students. However, the laptops came pre-installed with the virus. Many school employees shared virus details on an online forum. 

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The deputy director of education and learning at Bradford Council, Marium Haque, stated that:

“Upon unboxing and preparing them, it was discovered that a number of the laptops were infected with a self-propagating network worm.”

Laptops Contained Gamarue Virus

Reportedly, the infected laptops contained Gamarue.1, a Gamarue virus variant, which Microsoft identified back in 2012. The virus gives the attacker maximum control on the device, as they can access files and even the PC’s web browser.

Furthermore, it is a self-propagating network worm that downloads and installs spyware to steal confidential data about users, including financial data and browsing habits. However, it cannot access webcams and mics.

Screenshot of Gamarue ..