FusionLayer publishes new reference architecture for Microsoft shops - Help Net Security

FusionLayer announced that it has published a new reference architecture for managing hybrid enterprise networks that utilize Microsoft Active Directory (AD), Microsoft Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The new blueprint architecture is aimed at enterprises who have traditionally run Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft Active Directory (AD), as the foundation of their Information Technology (IT) business infrastructure, and are now migrating some of their business application workloads from on-premise data centers into public clouds.

While public cloud computing has enjoyed tremendous growth during the last five years, much of the success can be attributed to start-up companies and shadow IT practices adopted at mid-sized and large enterprises.

Shadow IT activities are typically caused by slow internal IT processes that make it attractive for individual business units to source their IT needs from external service providers as opposed to the internal IT departments.

One of the key problems, causing the shadow IT trend, is that it still takes weeks or even months to activate new subnetworks, virtual server workloads and network services required by business units to meet their targets.

As digital transformation changes the business landscape at an unforeseen pace, having to wait for weeks to proceed with plans is simply unacceptable.

To address these concerns, many mid-sized and large enterprises are now starting to embrace a hybrid cloud computing strategy, leveraging public cloud services, to meet the agility requirements that they are now facing.

“Enterprises are embracing public clouds as part of their business infrastructure at an accelerating pace,” said Juha Holkkola, the Co-Founder and Chief Executive of FusionLayer. “A hybrid cloud strategy combining the best of on-premise data centers and public cloud services is an ..