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While third-person action games have been around for decades, it wasn’t until the release of the original Devil May Cry in 2001 that the hack-and-slash game became a popular genre, full of innovation and unique gaming experiences. It spawned plenty of rivals to the Son of Sparda’s crown too, like Bayonetta, the 3D Ninja Gaiden series, and God of War among others.

But for every success story, there was a game that fell by the wayside. Some were rightly forgotten attempts to ride the bandwagon (does anyone remember X-Blades?). Others were one-offs that didn’t get their due, but are worth revisiting to see their charm. Here are a few that are worth picking up again.


6 Bujingai: The Forsaken City

There were reasons why this PS2 DMC-alike disappeared from the scene soon after release. The level design wasn’t the most exciting, and the tale about its hero Lau Wong (modeled after J-Pop star Gackt) saving the titular city from his rival and his army of demons wasn’t as exciting as it sounds. Yet, the gameplay was fun and showed potential.

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It was enough to earn the game positive praise, and the Chinese futuristic wuxia design helped it stand out compared to the gothic DMC or neo-Japanese style of Ninja Gaiden. If Taito made a sequel improving on its faults, it could have been a contender. Instead, aside from an announced MMORPG spin-off that never got made, Bujingai was one and done.

5 Ghost Rider

Unlike Bujingai, this game was roasted in hellfire on release. The more Castlevania-esque GBA game received better press than the h ..

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