Forcepoint official welcomes PM's decision on cyber-security role - iTWire

Forcepoint official welcomes PM's decision on cyber-security role - iTWire

A senior official from the Australian arm of Forcepoint, an American multinational security software developer, has welcomed the news that Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison will create a cyber security role in his cabinet when he carries out a reshuffle next month.

Nick Savvides, Forcepoint’s senior director for Strategic Business in the APAC region, said: “The promotion of cyber security to a cabinet role is a long awaited and important move, recognising that it touches all aspects of modern society. It follows not just from the elevation of cyber to its own command in defence circles, but also from the elevation to being a board-level consideration in the corporate world."

Forcepoint is owned by American weapons manufacturer Raytheon and is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Australia had a dedicated cyber security minister when Malcolm Turnbull was prime minister, with first Dan Tehan, and later Angus Taylor, filling the role.

Since Morrison became prime minister after defeating Peter Dutton in a leadership contest in 2018, there has been no separate minister for this portfolio.

The Opposition, under Bill Shorten, had Ed Husic, probably the best educated politician when it comes to technology, handling the role. But once Anthony Albanese ascended to the role of leader, there has been no cyber security shadow minister.

Morrison plans to appoint a dedicated person to handle cyber security from within the Department of Home Affairs.

Savvides said today’s economy and society depended on digitisation, with every organisation being a technology organisation.

"This was highlighted during the pandemic, with the governments and companies who had th ..