Facing a Privacy Breach Under Growing GDPR-inspired Laws Can Pose Challenges for Companies

Facing a Privacy Breach Under Growing GDPR-inspired Laws Can Pose Challenges for Companies

Almost everyone at this point has heard about the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You’ve probably received an email from a company that you have shopped with explaining the recent changes in their privacy policy. Or, you’ve sat through a GDPR training at work, or you’re simply aware that some of the world’s largest companies with European subsidiaries need to comply with it.

GDPR went into effect in May 2018 and not only impacted businesses in the EU, but also globally. Many companies had to change the way personal information was being collected and used while simultaneously having to meet the compliance deadline.

While the GDPR was the first of its kind and seen as a gold standard in privacy protection, it is not the only data protection regulation companies need to comply with today. The GDPR’s introduction was only the beginning. In just two years, its ripple effect caused other regulators to follow with enhanced privacy regulations. Other countries ranging from Brazil to Thailand, as well as U.S. states, such as California, have enacted or are currently working to enact their own version of the GDPR framework.

These numerous privacy regulations may present challenges for companies, namely, navigating and interpreting the patchwork of rules that vary in their obligations and breach reporting requirements. Below are some challenges companies may face in light of the current privacy regulatory environment as it continues to evolve.

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