Exploiting a Windows-Based Buffer Overflow

Exploiting a Windows-Based Buffer Overflow

This article is based on exploiting a simple buffer overflow in Windows using Vulnserver. If you don’t have an idea about buffer overflows, read my previous article about exploiting a Linux buffer overflow here, https://ravi5hanka.medium.com/privilege-escalation-in-linux-via-a-local-buffer-overflow-dcee4f9b4a49

Tools and OSs Used

Initial Step

In the victim, install immunity debugger and extract the contents of Vulnserver zip. Then run Vulnserver.exe as administrator.

running vulnserver.exe as admin

Then open immunity debugger as administrator, and attach the vulnserver process to immunity debugger by, File > Attach > vulnserver > Attach.

Attaching vulnserver process to debugger

exploiting windows based buffer overflow