Editorial: Congress Needs to Improve Cyber ​​Security | Editorial - Illinois News

Cyber ​​attacks occur every day around the world. Some are trivial and some are very dangerous. The United States is particularly vulnerable and needs better cybersecurity as enforced by law.

Last week Norway announced that Congress had been attacked by China. On the same day, the US government announced that the US pipeline had been compromised for 10 years by an attack from China. The day before, a group of Western nations accused China of a massive attack on users of Microsoft software.

The United States was attended by the European Union, NATO, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Japan. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken said: “The United States and countries around the world hold the People’s Republic of China responsible for patterns of irresponsible, destructive and volatile behavior in cyberspace. Security.”

However, no sanctions or measures have been announced. Officials said China allowed Chinese criminal groups to participate in attacks in a pattern similar to Russia’s resistance to criminal ransomware attacks from Russian territory.

China and Russia may be the main criminals, but hostile hackers also work from Iran and North Korea. This represents a widespread vulnerability in many Western information systems.

Due to the open nature of the Internet, this type of piracy may not end. As President Joe Biden proposed to Russian President Vladimir Putin last month, the counter-threat of attacking critical infrastructure in problematic countries could act to thwart the most dangerous attacks. I have. However, this model has not yet been widely adopted and has not been proven to work.

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In short, the United States needs to take significantly improved measures to ..

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