Don’t Speed Past Better Cloud App Security

Don’t Speed Past Better Cloud App Security

They say you can only have two of three — fast, good and cheap. When it comes to developing cloud-based applications, I think that a fourth criteria should be added: secure. But, I honestly don’t think that this common advice to project managers who work in today’s market. Successful developers who take cloud app security seriously must meet all four.

In recent years, many organizations focused on reducing development time, meaning life cycles are now very short. Deloitte research found that organizations are now expected to deliver projects four times faster, but with the same budget. The biggest reason for the rush to the finish line is money.  A shorter cycle means less development costs, quicker time to market and lower lost opportunity cost.

Shorter Cycles Mean Less Cloud App Security

However, the intense focus on time often means increasing risk. Yes, sometimes cloud-based apps get into customers’ hands quicker by skipping security steps and testing. But even with these processes still in the life cycle, the rush to the finish line can mean errors and shortcuts that create risks by mistake that in the long run can cost more — often much more — than coming out a few days (or even weeks) later. Security issues don’t always just affect the app at hand. Rushing cloud app development can also create openings in the development infrastructure, putting future apps as well as company data at risk.

Businesses must carefully consider the increased risks of a shorter app development cycle and work to balance these risks before an attack happens. By making strategic decisions involving security and development time in advance ..