Do your part and #BeCyberSmart with these online safety tips

We hope you’ve enjoyed Cyber Awareness month. This year’s theme asked us all to do our part to stay safer online. The idea is that if we each take steps to secure our lives online, then together we all contribute to creating a safer, more secure internet. Of course, it’s our job to help you #BeCyberSmart. With that in mind, we’ve pulled together all the safety tips we featured in October. From family security to protecting your latest smart home gadgets, they’re all here and organized by theme. So take a look below and let’s all do our part today, tomorrow, and in the year to come! 

#BeCyberSmart at any age 

10 quick tips for keeping the whole family safe 

Online security for senior citizens 

A quick list of tips for protecting kids on apps and social networking 

How to protect baby’s first digital footprints 

Millennials are major targets for identity theft. Check out this quick guide for protecting identity online ..

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