Deciphering Security Trends in the Sports Sector

Deciphering Security Trends in the Sports Sector

Just like defensive skills are necessary to fend off competitors in combat sports, it has become equally important for sports organizations to protect their data and systems from a variety of cyber threats. In recent years, the sector is witnessing a surge in cyberattacks, affecting teams, leagues, and even individual athletes.

A preview of recent cyber threats

A security lapse at Town Sports International affected almost a terabyte of sensitive data belonging to its customers. The unprotected server in question was exposed for almost a year before the firm took it offline.
ArbiterSports paid off hackers to delete the stolen details of 540,000 sports referees. The database in possession of threat actors contained data from ArbiterGame, ArbiterOne, and ArbiterWorks web application.

A potential target for BEC fraud

Apart from cyberattacks, sports clubs are a lucrative target for BEC scams wherein fraudsters try social engineering tricks to conduct fraudulent wire transfers or exfiltrate sensitive data.
In July, fraudsters attempted to steal nearly $1.25 million on the pretext of transferring a player in the English Premier League.   

Security issues in fitness apps add more woes

Amid the ongoing pandemic, fitness, and gym mobile applications have gained huge traction among gym enthusiasts and athletes. With the rising popularity, these apps are an eas ..