Data Privacy and Data Governance Will Be Top Business Priorities for 2021

Data Privacy and Data Governance Will Be Top Business Priorities for 2021

As COVID-19 has introduced a more aggressive and evolving cyber threat landscape, the need for companies to develop the right infrastructure to mitigate cybersecurity risk is more important now than ever before.

As part of this risk, consumer demand for privacy and increased legal requirements are making privacy and security top concerns for organizations. Companies are still in the early stages of understanding, adopting and implementing data privacy requirements and programs that support their company security practices and culture. 

Building the right foundation to highly secure and protect your company includes several fundamentals that are critical to supporting the infrastructure from the ground up. The foundation should be built upon the National Institute for Standards and Technology privacy framework.

What’s in the NIST privacy framework?

The framework includes five new control families that are broken out into individual categories and subcategories. The five categories can be summarized as follows:

Develop the understanding to effectively manage privacy risks.
Create an internal culture and corporate structure to support risk management and data governance.
Develop policies, procedures, and practices to effectively control and protect data.
Provide communication channels for employees to ask questions and raise issues related to privacy and data management.
Implement technical, administrative, and physical controls to protect and maintain the integrity of data.

How to Implement the Framework

NIST provides guidance on how to utilize the framework to either create a new privacy program or improve an existing one. The framework is broken into three steps.

Ready: The first step is to create an understanding of the organization, its mission, and the overall business environment. This environment includes things like risk tolerance, legal requirements, et cetera. This step is covered by the Identify and Govern functio ..