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Ask any teenager how they are navigating lockdown and you will be directed to the phone that’s perennially attached to their hand. Social distancing and a further lockdown means that the only contact many children have with their friends is the virtual kind. That means they’re spending the majority of their waking and sleeping hours on Zoom, Snapchat, TikTok and FaceTime.

aintaining connections with their friends cannot be understated, but neither can the risks that are associated with being online.

With recent reports indicating a sharp rise in cyberbullying, parents now more than ever, are asking how they can strike the right balance between online and offline activities, and help their kids have a positive relationship with technology, and the internet? Webwise.ie has the answers.

⬤ Have the chat

One of the most effective ways to ensure that your child or teenager has a positive experience online is to have an open, and ongoing conversation with them. Talk to them about what they do online, and reassure them that if anything happens that they are uncomfortable with, they should not feel embarrassed or afraid to speak to you about it.

If your child feels like they can talk to you about their online activities without judgement, or fear of the consequences, it will lead to more honesty, and they will be better equipped to deal with any negative experiences.

For parents of young children, it is never too early to think about their online safety. Even if you are only beginning to discover the internet together, have a conversation with them about the important things to look out for – such as who they talk to online, and about sharing personal information.

For parents of young children ..