Cyber Security Today, Week In Review for April 16, 2021

Cyber Security Today, Week In Review for April 16, 2021

Welcome to Cyber Security Today. This is the Week In Review edition for Friday April 16th. I’m Howard Solomon, contributing reporter on cybersecurity for

In a few minutes I’ll talk with this week’s guest commentator, Dinah Davis, vice president of research and development of managed security services provider Arctic Wolf. But first a look back at some of the news this week:

Four more serious vulnerabilities have been found in on-premise versions of Microsoft Exchange. That means – again – IT departments have to make sure the latest patches are installed as soon as possible. This comes after Microsoft released emergency patches last month to close the holes on a number of vulnerabilities in Exchange Server. It’s bad enough that criminal hackers and nation-states are getting into unpatched Exchange implementations to read email. Now a new report says crooks are also trying to take over Exchange servers to install cryptocurrency miners. It’s vital your firm’s Exchange Server is patched.

Vulnerabilities in a piece of communications software used by millions of computing devices could lead to denial of service or hacking attacks, according to a new report. The problem is in some versions of TCP/IP stack used in internet-connected products from routers to medical equipment. IT managers need to check with the vendors of their products to see if they need patching or mitigation. This report is the latest in a series that have exposed problems in this software stack.

The effectiveness of corporate cybersecurity training is again in questio ..