Critical Firmware Backdoor in Gigabyte Systems Exposes ~7 Million Devices

Critical Firmware Backdoor in Gigabyte Systems Exposes ~7 Million Devices

May 31, 2023Ravie LakshmananFirmware Security / Vulnerability

Cybersecurity researchers have found "backdoor-like behavior" within Gigabyte systems, which they say enables the UEFI firmware of the devices to drop a Windows executable and retrieve updates in an unsecure format.

Firmware security firm Eclypsium said it first detected the anomaly in April 2023. Gigabyte has since acknowledged and addressed the issue.

"Most Gigabyte firmware includes a Windows Native Binary executable embedded inside of the UEFI firmware," John Loucaides, senior vice president of strategy at Eclypsium, told The Hacker News.

"The detected Windows executable is dropped to disk and executed as part of the Windows startup process, similar to the LoJack double agent attack. This executable then downloads and runs additional binaries via insecure methods."

"Only the intention of the author can distinguish this sort of vulnerability from a malicious backdoor," Loucaides added.

The executable, per Eclypsium, is embedded into UEFI firmware and written to disk by firmware as part of the system boot process and subsequently launched as an update service.

The .NET-based application, for its part, is configured to download and execute a payload from Gigabyte update servers over plain HTTP, thereby exposing the process to adversary-in-the-middle (AitM) attacks via a
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