Crimeware and financial cyberthreats in 2024

Crimeware and financial cyberthreats in 2024

At Kaspersky, we constantly monitor the financial cyberthreat landscape, which includes threats to financial institutions, such as banks, and financially motivated threats, such as ransomware, that target a broader range of industries. As part of our Kaspersky Security Bulletin, we try to predict how these cyberthreats will evolve in the coming year to help individuals and businesses to be prepared to face them. In this article, we will first assess our predictions for 2023, and then, try to figure out which trends are coming in 2024.

Review of last year’s (2023) predictions: how we fared

Web3 and the rise of threats:

True. The prediction suggested that Web3, led by the gaming and entertainment sectors, would continue to gain traction and face increasing threats. We highlighted the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies and anticipated an increase in crypto scams. The forecast correctly emphasized that users had become more aware of crypto and would not easily fall for primitive scams. However, according to the cybersecurity firm Certik, crypto theft was indeed on the rise, with nearly $1 billion lost to scams, rug pulls, and exploits throughout 2023, making this prediction true.

Malware loaders on the underground market:

True. The prediction anticipated that malware loaders would become a major commodity in the cybercriminal underground market. It correctly pointed out that attackers were paying more attention to downloaders and droppers to evade detection. The appearance of ASMCrypt and the evolving techniques for downloading payloads without detection supported the prediction. This trend aligns with the growing interest in malicious loaders, ma ..

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