Commission expects to set the world's cybersecurity standards for connected devices - EURACTIV

Commission expects to set the world's cybersecurity standards for connected devices - EURACTIV

The European Commission contends that its new cybersecurity law will set the security bar for Internet of Things products worldwide and put European manufacturers at a competitive advantage.

The proposal for a Cyber Resilience Act was presented last week and introduced a security-by-design approach for all products with digital components. The idea is to oblige manufacturers to address vulnerabilities to facilitate consumer uptake of connected products. The Internet of Things sector is expected to boom in the coming years.

As anticipated by EURACTIV, the regulation includes a set of essential requirements product manufacturers would have to comply with throughout the product lifecycle, including by pushing security patches via automatic updates free of charge.

“This will impact not only the European Union. This will change the rules of the game globally, one way or another. Because they will copy us or because they will not have the tools to abide by our rules. This is good not only for the level of cybersecurity but for the competitiveness of Europe,” said Lorena Boix Alonso, the director of the Commission’s department in charge of cybersecurity, at a EURACTIV-hosted event earlier this week.

The ambition is to replicate the General Data Protection Regulation’s result via the Brussels effect. Namely, companies that adopted the EU rules to access the single market found it more convenient to apply them in their global operations than to create different products or processes.

“At the beginning, everyone was a little bit hesitant. Then, we saw that all other markets, including the American one, started to play by the rules as the European one,” said Joanna Swiatkowska, chief operating officer at the European Cyber Security Organisation, at the same event.

Swiatkowska added that the Cyber Resilience A ..

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