College student loses entire savings in fake job scam | #phishing | #scams | #hacking | #aihp

SAN ANTONIO – Elizabeth Gray is worse than broke — she’s in debt. It all started with an online job search and a text.

“I get a text message from a person claiming to be with a textile company up in Chicago,” she said.

It was a large, legitimate construction materials company, and the job seemed perfect. It was a remote data entry position that paid $37.75 an hour. It offered paid holidays, medical insurance and a 401K.

“I never got like a phone call or even a Zoom call,” Gray said. “They did everything in text.”

They even interviewed her over a Google chat app. And, they moved fast.

“They were so impressed by my resume they were going to give me the job immediately. We’re going to send you equipment, this and that. It sounded like a dream true,” she said.

Except she was communicating with an imposter, and they didn’t send equipment.

“They actually sent me checks to buy equipment,” Gray said.

She received two checks totaling more than $10,000, which she deposited into her bank account. But then, there was another twist in plans.

“(They said) ‘Okay, we need you to send money to this vendor in CashApp or Venmo, whatever you prefer,’” she said.

When peer-to-peer payment apps didn’t work, Gray said she was instructed to ..

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