Cloud Perimeter Security: The Latest Hot Tips for Enterprises!

Cloud Perimeter Security: The Latest Hot Tips for Enterprises!

Cloud adoption is on the rise among American businesses. Researchers firmly believe by 2020 the plurality of businesses will be based on cloud environments, specifically public cloud environments. Yet with mass cloud migration comes a new challenge: cloud perimeter security.  

One can think of cloud perimeter security as a new subfield of endpoint security. After all, modern endpoint security focuses on the digital perimeter, and cloud creates an entirely new perimeter. Yet the cloud perimeters can suffer from visibility issues and from increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks as the network expands and databases decentralize.

From an operational perspective, poor cloud security can deprive an enterprise of the full benefits of their digital transformation. By the same token, strong cloud perimeter security can help your enterprise reap the rewards of public cloud environments: better communication, more productivity, and more flexible architectures.

So how can your organization strengthen its cloud perimeter security?  

Prepare for the Cybersecurity Achilles’ Heel

Cloud perimeter security might be a relatively new field in InfoSec, but it shares the same weakness of enterprise cybersecurity solutions: employees. Human error is the primary source of so many cybersecurity issues: poor database configurations, phishing attacks, weak credentials, and security workarounds. Phishing attacks, in particular, can subvert your cloud perimeter; falling for a phishing attack essentially opens the door for a hacker to bypass your security.

Like all other cybersecurity subfields, cloud perimeter security requires proper employee education and participation. Regular cybersecurity training should be incorporated into your business processes, and employees success in following best practices should be reflected in their reviews.

Vet Your Cloud Perimeter Security Provider

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