Canon Medical unveils Gateway Platinum, a multi-level cybersecurity solution - Help Net Security

With more than 470,000 patient records exposed or stolen in January of 2018 alone, cyberattacks, viruses and other malicious threats are a growing challenge for healthcare providers. To help combat these types of attacks, Canon Medical Systems USA unveils a new multi-level cybersecurity solution, Gateway Platinum.

Canon Medical’s newest approach to cybersecurity includes: cybersecurity protection powered by Barracuda NextGen firewall, remote diagnostic support with InnerVision Plus (now featuring Windows 10) and Secure VPN to Canon Medical Control Center.

The new solution, available to new and existing customers with a service plan, puts healthcare providers at ease with live monitoring, proactive and predictive technologies and 24/7 support from Canon Medical’s cybersecurity risk management team.

Gateway Platinum’s three exclusive benefits

Cybersecurity protection powered by Barracuda NextGen Firewall: Prevent malware and malicious attacks with a proprietary, NextGen firewall and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS).

Get notified in real-time with on-demand reports and network health alerts, a continuous data feed to customer’s security information and event management (SIEM) system, and an alert engine to notify the customer and Canon Risk Management team of attacks.

InnerVision Plus with Windows 10: Increase productivity, boost system availability and isolate your imaging systems from outside threats before data can be damaged or exposed with InnerVision Plus’ proactive and predictive remote support.

Streamline system cleanup, and troubleshoot devices with data analysis capabilities, on-demand system diagnosis, prevention and early detection alerts, and environmental monitoring status including temperature, humidity and helium levels.

Secure VPN to Canon Medical Control Center: Get the highest level of protection with Canon Medical’s “always on” secure site-to-site VPN tunnel with multi-factor authentication to Canon Medical Control Center device access.

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